Lacey Township Solid Waste Pickup

The Solid Waste Contractor Is Meadowbrook Industries, Please Call (609) 971-7979 If You Have Any Questions. 

Lacey Township trash is picked up at curbside from each residence twice each week.

All refuse containers must be placed for municipal collection before 6:00 am of the day of collection, but no sooner than 24 hours prior to the designated day for collection.  All refuse containers must be removed from the curb by property owner or other person placing the material for collection within 24 hours after collection of refuse.

All refuse with the exception of bulk refuse must be contained in receptacles whose weight does not exceed 50 pounds.  No container may exceed 32 gallons in capacity.

Trash may NOT be put out in corrugated boxes.  Corrugated boxes must be recycled.

Solid Waste Service Includes The Following:

  • Household garbage.  All household garbage from food preparation must be contained in leak-proof commercially available containers with tight-filling lids or covers to prevent animals from getting into it and may not be set out for collection in plastic bags. 
  • Ashes, non-recyclable paper, cans, plastic and cardboard boxes other than corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes must be recycled.
  • Lawn and garden debris including grass, hedge clippings, small brush, shrubs and small tree branches.  Material must be contained either in a 32-gallon garbage can or plastic bag.  Clippings, brush, shrubs and small tree branches must be tied in bundles not more than 4' in length and shall not weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Furniture, bedding, (only two items per collection day) may be put out for collection on your regular trash day.  Carpet must be bundled and tied, please read the section on Carpet listed under Helpful Hints.  
  • White goods, appliances and metal are scheduled pickups.  Please call Meadowbrook Industries at (609)971-7979 or the Township at (609)693-1100, ext. 2301 to schedule a pickup. 
  • Lumber tied securely in bundles not more than 4' in length and weighing not more than 50 pounds per bundle, approximately 2 bundles on each collection day. 
  • Wallboard/plaster board, only 3 cans and/or 3 bundles per month, not weighing more than 50 lbs. per can or bundle. 
  • Sliding Glass Doors - please follow these instructions:  the glass from the sliding glass doors must be taped up and wrapped in heavy duty tarp or blanket, then label the package glass and set out for collection on your regular trash collection day.  Call the Public Works Department at 693-1100, ext. 2301 if you have any questions.  
Lacey Township Does Not Have Bulk Pickup - NO House Cleanouts - please make appropriate arrangements with a solid waste hauler for a dumpster.  

Materials Listed Below Will Not Be Picked Up:

  • All building and construction material, fixtures, appliances, etc., resulting from major alterations and renovations to buildings or properties by owners or contractors.
  • Electronic devices, computer equipment or televisions, including "big screen" TV's.  These materials must be brought into the Recycling Center for disposal.  They are prohibited from being landfilled pursuant to the NJ State Electronic Waste Management Act which went into effect January 1, 2011.  
  • Trees, leaves, earth, root matter, stones, tires, concrete, asphalt, auto batteries and hazardous waste.
  • Your trash will not be picked up if it contains recyclables.  Please refer to the information listed under curbside recycling for additional information.
  • Chlorine tablets and other pool chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and gasoline are not to be placed in the garbage.  They are hazardous wastes and should be disposed of only on Hazardous Waste Days sponsored by the County usually in the Fall and Spring, or call 732-506-5047 for further information.  

Are You Moving In Or Out Of Town? Here Are Some Helpful Hints

Call the Public Works Office at (609)693-1100, ext. 2301 first to get specific information relating to your move or for questions relating to the disposal of out of the ordinary  items.  Don't assume that everything you throw out will be collected.  Call us first!

  • Carpet, must be bundled and tied if you want to get it collected on your normal  trash day.  Don't just throw it out in a heap.  It must be bundled and tied up in lengths  no longer than 4' weighing no more than 50 lbs. per bundle.  (Don't put it out in the rain unless you cover it with a tarp.  Wet carpet will become heavy and exceed the weight limit).  Collection is limited to 1 room per collection day.  

New Toilet,  dispose of your old one on your normal trash day.  You must separate the tank from the bowl for easier collection. 

  • If you are emptying out the contents of a house, you must get a dumpster.  There are several reputable haulers out there, call around to get the best price.  Expect to pay for the rental of the dumpster and the disposal fee at the landfill.  Trash just thrown out and piled up at the curb will surely generate a visit from our Code Enforcement Office.