Stormwater Pollution Solutions

Did you know?

Stormwater Pollution is one of New Jersey’s greatest threats to clean and plentiful water.

There are easy things you can do every day to protect our water.

Limit your use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Do not apply fertilizers if heavy rain is predicted. Look into alternatives for pesticides.

Properly use and dispose of hazardous products.

Contact Lacey Township for locations of hazardous waste disposal facilities.

Keep pollution out of storm drains

Do not let sewage or other waste flow into a stormwater system.

Clean up after your pet

Use newspaper, bags or pooper-scoopers to pick up wastes. 

Lacey Township Ordinance #38-88

Don’t feed wildlife

Lacey Township Ordinance #05-13

Don’t litter

Place litter in trash receptacles. Recycle. Recycle. Recycle.

Dispose of yard waste properly

Keep leaves and grass out of storm drains. Use a mulching mower that recycles grass clippings into the lawn.

Home Composting

For more information on home composting, visit:

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Stormwater Management Ordinance - Nonpinelands # 06-23 ---- Pinelands # 07-23

Municipal Stormwater Management Plan

2018 Stormwater Report 

To learn more about the Barnegat Bay Partnership and their mission and plans for Barnegat Bay restoration and research visit