Happy New Year 2022, I hope this message finds you and your families in good health and in good spirits. Thank you for the trust and confidence you all have bestowed on me as a member of the governing body, I am honored to serve as your Mayor.

Welcome to the Township of Lacey website and, more importantly, our town, which is consistently recognized by national publications as one of the most desirable places to live.

Lacey is in the heart of Ocean County, easy access to the state’s capital, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and New York City where many of our citizens make their living. We are close to numerous colleges and universities and are known for our beautiful parks and recreation amenities, shopping, restaurants and a revitalizing economy, all of which truly make Lacey a great place to live, work, play, raise a family, and do business. We are one of the safest communities in the nation, and along with my fellow committee members, we seek to provide quality services to all residents at an affordable cost. We will continue to do this through fiscal responsibility, sound leadership and by continuing the progress of our business development for a stronger Lacey Township.

The coming year will continue to bring progress to town, from upgraded playground equipment, to updated pickle ball courts, the design for a veterans memorial park, discussion and design of a future dog park and to road improvements and infrastructure repairs (partially funded through NJ state grants). While many of the challenges of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic remain, there is hope and optimism ahead for all of us.

But one of the greatest things about Lacey and the thing I love most about it, is the people. I am constantly amazed at how people from all over come here with unique ideas and experiences and work together to create shared values and the vision for this wonderful place, for the place they have chosen to call home. All that Lacey has become and all that Lacey will be is rooted in their talents, dedication, and hard work, and I couldn’t be more proud to serve as their Mayor.

Lacey is growing and I hope that our residents and visitors will embrace the growth and make it an even better place than it already is. Whether you are passing through, or settled for the long haul to raise a family, we hope you will find our local parks, walking trails, community schools and small businesses as sources of pride. Whether you’re getting your car or bike serviced, in need of a style or haircut, a quick bite, healthy shake, or a full meal, Lacey offers one-of-a-kind small businesses. One thing is apparent: these local businesses need your support. Please continue to shop local as we help our friends and neighbors to the other side of these challenging economic times. If you’re considering relocating your business to Lacey -- please do. You won’t be disappointed.

While most everything you’ll need or want to know about Lacey is right here on the Town’s website, our job at Town Hall is to help make you successful, so don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of service.

I am proud to call Lacey Township my home. My wife and I made the decision to raise our two children here in our great K-12 school system, near local parks and amongst the safe streets. We have been fortunate to meet many of you along the way who have the same mindset. So whether you’re engaging with our knowledgeable administrative and construction staff, seeing our hard-working public works staff on the streets, or passing Lacey’s finest, our local police department or are in need of our emergency services, I hope you will continue to find the same experience my family and I have found. We look forward to re-emerging from this pandemic with stronger friendships and a stronger sense of community.

On a personal note I want thank my fellow governing body members for placing their trust in me, thank you Steve, Pete, Tim and Mark for your support and mentorship.  Additionally, I have been blessed to have inspiring people from many aspects of my life. I am grateful and thankful to each of you. So, thank you to my extended family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and mentors for all you have done for me and my family through the years. Finally, I want to thank my beautiful wife Peggy Sue for her love and support on this journey, and my two amazing children Nicholas and Marisa for allowing me to serve on the governing body.

In closing, to continue to strengthen our community I encourage each of you to get involved as time allows.  Whether as a volunteer with the fire department or EMS, a coach for youth sports, or simply attending a township council or school board meeting. Feel free to visit our website to find ways to get involved in committees and events or not for profit organizations. The staff and governing body are here to serve you and help you navigate local government. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally at

Best wishes for a happy, safe and healthy 2022.

With a sense of purpose and pride, your Mayor, Nick Juliano       


a Message from Mayor Juliano, the Township Committe and the office of emergency management

Lacey Township requests that residents please not park vehicles on the road in order to allow plowing and salting/sanding. Just as a reminder, Lacey Township will plow main roads first and then will plow secondary/neighborhood roads. Lacey Township generally does not start plowing until there are 4-5” of snow on the ground. When plowing does begin, they will systematically plow a path down the road and clear from curb to curb during the second pass. Please, when clearing your own driveway/property do not shovel the snow back into the roadway.

Residents that live along the coast and low lying areas that would like to move their vehicles due to the possibility of flooding can do so. Residents can park their vehicles in Gille Park parking lot by the roller hockey rinks located off of Manchester Avenue. Please remember to secure your vehicles at that location.

As a reminder if it is too cold outside for you, it’s probably too cold for your domesticated animals. As temperatures drop, especially to single digits, and when wind chills turn frigid, it’s time to bring the pets inside. If that option is not possible, then dogs should at least be brought out of the cold and wind into the garage or basement. Their water and food should be monitored to ensure it does not freeze. Further, it’s important always to wipe any ice, snow or salt from the dogs’ paws — inside or outside. That’s because when dogs get salt on their feet, it can burn their paw pads. Also, dogs often lick their feet, and the chemicals from ice-melting agents are dangerous for dogs to ingest.

And, while you hunker down inside, opting to tie out your pets to do their business in the freezing cold, don’t let them remain outdoors for more than a few minutes — and certainly don’t forget them.

Remember, frigid temperature is just as hard and dangerous on pets as it is to humans. Part of their care should be keeping them warm and cuddly. Should you suspect animal abuse, call the Lacey Police Department via 609-693-6636.

Residents should take this time to prepare their property by tying down any loose items outside that could be blown around due to high winds.

If residents must travel during this period please make sure you clear off any snow from your vehicle before you depart.

For assistance with power outages please call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877).

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