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1/19/2021 - Lacey Life Movie Nominations
Lacey Life Movie Nominations 

The Lacey 150 Video Project focuses on life in Lacey in 2021. It will serve as a time capsule for generations to look back on what it was like to be part of the community during the 150th anniversary celebration year. The movie will focus on interviewing people from the town that have lived here most of their lives, that bring a strong love for their community & that want to make the town better, so we can all “be part of it!” 

Every Lacey resident and even the ones whose heart is here but they are not, may nominate someone. Children, teens and adults are encouraged to fill out the form.
Nominate someone that you think has a lot to say about life in Lacey, someone that really shows their love for this town  or who does a lot to bring the town together!! 
As part of Lacey's 150th celebration Girl Scout Troop 50249 will be working on their Bronze Award  project creating a movie about life in Lacey. Please help  by  taking a moment to reflect on this beautiful town and all the residents that fill it-We are asking the public to nominate people that you think would be best to tell the story: Live it, Love it, Be part of it.

Submissions end January 27th 2021 

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