Lacey Township News


Dear Lacey Township Resident,

As the Mayor of Lacey Township, I’m pleased to share with you a new program that will help you reduce your property tax bill each year. 

I know that for many, property tax represents the largest bill of the year. For many, a way to reduce this bill is important. That is why I am happy to introduce to you our new Lacey Estate Card.

The Lacey Estate Card is a debit card that earns you a reward on every transaction you make in the form of a credit that is applied directly towards your property tax. Additionally, local and online spending at participating merchants earn an even greater amount of reward. The Lacey Estate Card is a great program to help you reduce your tax bill through your everyday spending.  

The program is designed to not only help you personally, but to also help support and grow local businesses. Additionally, it aims to generate new revenue for the Township which will be applied towards the general tax base, ultimately helping every property owner.

I am very excited about this new program and hope you will be too. You can learn more about the program and sign up for it at

Lacey Township is blessed with a dedicated and responsive Committee, and I am honored and thankful to serve as your Mayor. We want to ensure that Lacey Township continues to be a great place to live, work, raise a family and grow a business. We hope that this program is utilized by all to help you, our local businesses and Township!