Lacey Township News

8/19/2019 - Lacey Township Welcomes Full Blue 360
Owner:  Tiffany Bohlin
Lacey Township welcomes FullBlue360 to our community.  FullBlue360 Develops innovate, sustainable and soilless Organic Blueberry Growing technology: Extends the Growing Season and

Cultivates Longer Lasting Blueberries

These blueberries are grown in pots, not in the ground, using a soilless growing medium and a precision drip irrigation system that utilizes 50-70% less water than traditional farming.  This

technology, developed by FullBlue360, also allows for more plants to be grown in a smaller area. When combined with a special shade cloth (nets), that creates weather resilience in almost any

climate, the result can yield up to 200% more blueberries per acre.

"We are changing the way the world thinks about growing food," said Tiffany Bohlin, CEO and Co-Founder of FullBlue360. "We use drip irrigation, grow under nets, and have found a way to use

three-quarters less land to produce the same amount of blueberries on our 10 acre farm that could be grown on a 40-50 acre farm

The sustainable technology and growing process is so unique that it can only be found at this New Jersey farm and on a rooftop in Long Island City in New York, both sites run by FullBlue360.

"Some universities out west are testing sustainable growing methods but small farms and commercial growers just aren't there yet," noted Bohlin. "We have already extended the NJ growing season by four weeks. Our goal is to expand to other climate zones so we can grow crops 8-10 months a year."

FullBlue360 blueberries are USDA Certified Organic and are larger than your average blueberry, some as wide as a quarter. A number of varieties, known as cultivars, are grown to ensure a hardier premium product that has an unprecedented 22-28 day shelf life -- and taste delicious.  FullBlue360 blueberries are sold in most Mid-Atlantic and North East ShopRite stores.

The demand for organic produce to avoid harmful pesticides is growing. "FullBlue360's technology provides a great tasting jumbo organic product that also protects our planet by implementing sustainable growing practices that reduce land use and save precious water resources," said Bohlin.