Lacey Township News

TO ALL LACEY FOOD BANK CLIENTS:  The Lacey Food Bank is a Township Building and Public Access is Now Restricted.  The March Food Distribution will take place as scheduled on Thursday 3/19 at 10AM - Noon and Friday 3/20 at 9AM - 9:30AM with the following changes:

Please enter the Food Bank parking lot through the Station Drive entrance.  DO NOT PARK - DO NOT EXIT YOUR CAR

Stay in your car and follow the line of cars to the back doors 

You will be checked in.  Outside.  Please remain in your vehicle

You will receive pre-bagged items including your regular 2 food bags, the USDA foods and your Easter Ham, laundry detergent and fresh vegetables 

At this time we cannot accommodate special requests of any kind and there is no 'Take Me' shopping

The building is CLOSED and you will be denied access.  


Please understand that we are doing our very best to remain open and to be a viable resource to you for food during this current health crisis and sincerely appreciate your cooperation.