Lacey Township News

4/8/2013 - Repetitive Loss Survey by FEMA

The Township of Lacey is notifying residents about the upcoming repetitive loss surveys about to be undertaken in Lacey Township.


Properties within Lacey Township currently or at some point in the past, were insured by the National Flood Insurance Program for damage from flooding. Flood Insurance is underwritten by the National Flood Insurance Program, (NFIP), which is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA).  FEMA has identified structures within these Communities that have sustained repetitive flooding and have received claims payments on at least two occasions.


The NFIP allows occupants and owners with property vulnerable to flooding to purchase flood insurance; private companies generally do not underwrite flood insurance because of the high risk involved. In order to continue to keep flood insurance premiums affordable, FEMA and the NFIP must try to address those structures that are repetitively flooded.


FEMA will be surveying these repetitively flooded properties to collect data that will help FEMA understand why these structures are vulnerable to flooding and damages, and what mitigation measures may be feasible to protect them from future damages.


This is notification that our community will be visited by FEMA Teams starting March 26th, 2013 through April 12th, 2013. These Teams will have FEMA identification badges confirming his or her authorization to conduct this survey on behalf of FEMA.


The FEMA Teams will need about 15 minutes to observe features about the structure’s construction, assess the structure’s flood vulnerabilities and take photograph of the structure.


FEMA  looks forward to working with the Communities in this important data collection effort.  If you have any questions please contact Joseph R. Napoleon at 202-805-6308 or