Lacey Township News

                                COMMUNITY FIREWISE MEETING
                             MARCH 25, 2014

Dear Resident:

The Township of Lacey has applied and received a grant under the Community Wildfire Protection Program through the State Division of Forest Fire Services and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection. The Community Wildfire Protection Program is a New Jersey Forest Fire Service grant program that delivers National Fire Plan funding directly to organizations on a local level.

The Plan was initiated by Congress in 2000 in order to develop a coherent strategy to protect Americans from wildfire by:
• Improving wildfire protection and preparedness capabilities
• Increasing community wildfire awareness and education
• Providing assistance to local fire agencies
• Reestablishing ecosystems after wildfires
• Reducing excessive fuel accumulations in and around communities
• Providing economic development opportunities

The goals of a program are to:
• Reduce the vulnerability of communities across the state from damage by wildfire.
• Identify at-risk wildland-urban interface areas.
• Reduce excessive wildland fuel accumulations in and around areas of human development.
• Increase community awareness of wildfire issues in New Jersey and promote opportunities to educate the public concerning the same.
• Develop a cohesive interagency wildfire risk reduction strategy
• Develop partnerships to reduce the wildfire hazards.

We invite you to attend a community meeting on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at the Lacey Municipal Building Court Room at 7pm for all interested residents.  The meeting will be hosted by the Lacey Township Office of Emergency Management along with the State Forest Fire Office. To view brochure

Very truly yours,

Gary Quinn