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10/5/2015 - Notice - Lacey OEM - Hurricane Joaquin - Notice

·         Hurricane Joaquin – The Lacey Township Office of Emergency Management is actively monitoring the progression of Hurricane Joaquin and the continuing changes in the weather projections for the expected path of the storm. Throughout today and through the weekend, OEM will be working with the local and county emergency service and support organizations to ensure that appropriate staffing and resources are available should the hurricane impact this area. Currently, we are expecting heavy rains and 40+ mph winds over the next two days well in advance of the storm which is not projected to reach this area until late Sunday, October 4th into Monday, October 5th, 2015. As with any weather projection, changes in the forecasts are likely to occur as the storm progresses.

Since July, we have worked diligently with all of the emergency and support organizations to thoroughly review and update each of the emergency operations plans for Lacey Township. Our standard operations planning accounts for all equipment to be maintained in a state of operational readiness for rapid deployment and use. Likewise, 24-hour, rapid deployment staffing plans are in place.

Residents should begin reviewing their personal and family emergency plans and building their family emergency kits to account for all possibilities.

Lacey OEM provides information regarding Hurricane Preparedness and Flooding through the OEM website at the following specific links:

Hurricane Preparedness Information:

Flood Preparedness Information:

Residents should also prepare for potentially prolonged power outages.

Things to consider with a power outage include but are not limited to:

• Having a sufficient supply of fresh batteries in your home for flashlights. Be very careful using candles as a lighting source and avoid using candles around children and pets.

• Having an emergency supply of bottled water. Filling your bathtub with fresh water as the storm begins can help with having a ready supply should water sources be disrupted.

• Having a supply of convenience foods that do not require cooking.

• Maintaining a battery-powered radio with extra batteries available. Tune to a local station for current storm information.

Lacey OEM will continue releasing weather updates and storm related information through Twitter, Facebook, and the OEM website at

The emergency automated telephone notifications will be reserved for specific and very important broadcasts of information should that become necessary.

Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D.
Lacey OEM Coordinator