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2/8/2016 - NJ Natural Gas News Release

NEW JERSEY NATURAL GAS REMINDS CUSTOMERS                                                            TO ALWAYS ASK TO SEE IDENTIFICATION

 Wall, N.J. – With reports of individuals falsely representing themselves as utility workers, New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) wants to remind customers to always ask to see identification any time a company representative arrives at their home or business. All NJNG employees carry photo identification, as do contractors working on behalf of the company. Additionally, NJNG employees drive commercial vehicles clearly marked with our company name and logo. 

If approached by someone claiming to represent NJNG, ask to see their identification. If a situation seems suspicious, call NJNG’s Customer Services department at 800-221-0051 and ask to speak with a supervisor to verify the representative’s authenticity, or call the local police. Customers should never open the door to anyone who cannot produce proper identification or whose badge does not seem genuine.