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9/21/2017 - 79th Annual Halloween Parade - Toms River Press Release


Halloween Parade Committee

Carl Weingroff, Parade Adviser


Toms River Vol. Fire Co. No.1’s 79th Halloween Parade is right around the corner.  Here are some fun facts about this years’ parade !!

  • Parade Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 – Postponement date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017.  If parade is postponed it will be on all of our Social Media as well as all radio stations along with NJ News 12. 
  • Parade Route:  Starting at Toms River Shopping Center – south on Main Street – East on Washington Street ending at Hooper Ave.  Main Street will be closing at 5:45pm.  All walkers are to be dropped off in groups if possible at the Toms River Shopping Center no later then 6pm and enter the shopping center off Rt. 37. All floats are to enter the shopping center off Highland Parkway by the old Foodtown. 
  • All registration for the parade is done on Parade day at the Firehouse on Robbins Street between Washington Street & Water Street between 8am – 4pm.  There is NO registration   fee to participate however donations are appreciated. 
  • Chairs for the sidelines will be allowed out on the morning of the parade and need to be secured down so they are not flying around.  Any chairs out prior could possibly be removed by the Toms River Police Department due to safety concerns for the roadway. 
  • TV-21 will be televising the parade (NOT LIVE) and will now be stationed at the Judges Stand on Washington Street instead of the intersection of Washington St & Main Street.
  • Trick or Treating dates are announced by your specific towns.  Toms River and Beachwood are on Monday evening – October 30th Please contact your specific township town halls or police departments for your date and times. 
  • There will be NO Politics, Campaigning & NO Alcohol in any division during any times of the parade or set up of the parade.  
  • There is NOTHING to be thrown from any moving vehicle and NO walkers around any motorized division. There is a ZERO tolerance for this rule for the safety not only for our spectators but participants in the parade. 
  • Watch for NEW DIVISIONS !!    We have 21 different divisions to pick from when registering!!  

“B” – Best Representation of Station Eleven – Toms River Regional Schools 
“N” Best Decorated Family Pet (Walking)
“O” Best Decorated Family Pet (Motorized) 

Any questions, comments, concerns please contact us via email and keep an eye out on our web page or Facebook page for updates !!  ----- 

Toms River  79th Halloween Parade Rules & Regulations Handbook

See ya all when the sun goes down !!  
Firefighter Carl Weingroff
Parade Adviser 
Toms River Vol. Fire Co. No. 1