Lacey Township News

4/5/2018 - South Jersey Energy - JCP&L Notice
The Township was recently informed by the current LCEA program supplier, South Jersey Energy (SJE), that the vendor they use to exchange billing information with JCP&L experienced a system failure for several days in late March and early April, which prevented them from  being able to exchange electronic data with JCP&L.  This vendor problem has affected numerous energy suppliers in the region.  During this outage, SJE was unable to receive metered usage information from JCP&L and place their charges on JCP&L’s bills.  As a result of this technical difficulty beyond SJE’s control, some LCEA program participants who receive their JCP&L bills in late March or early April may notice that there are no supply charges on their bill this month. SJE has assured the Township that this error will only affect a limited number of residents and that the underlying issue has been resolved. Affected customers will be billed for the quantity of energy used during the most recent billing period on their next JCP&L bill. This error will not affect the delivery of energy to your home. For further assistance, please reach out to SJE’s customer service center which can be reached at 1-888-987-5264.